"Family" - two-room suite with a terrace (up to 4 people)
1800.00 UAH
“Standard” — Single room for three person
1500.00 UAH
"For two" - single room for two person with a terrace
1200,00 UAH
Children playgroundFor general use
Volleyball CourtFor general use
Mini zoological farmFor general use
Car parkingFor general use
Campfire sitesFor Guests who are staying
AnimatorPrice on request
Hookah zone
Boat parkingFor general use
Fish cleaning1 kg50,00 UAH
Cooking fish:
Up to 3 kg1 kg100,00 UAH
Over 3 kg1 kg50,00 UAH
Fish evacuation1 kg20,00 UAH
Entrance1 person100,00 UAH
Fishing rod rentalDaylight hours50,00 UAH
Rent a boat Windboat 29
(up to 2 people)
Daylight hours250,0 UAH
Rent a boat Windboat 35
(up to 3 people)
Daylight hours350,0 UAH
Rent a boat engine Parsun 2.6Daylight hours250,0 UAH
Carriage parking1 day50,00 UAH
Hangar for storing boats / ATVs on a carriage
(1 parking space)
1 day70,00 UAH
Raising/lowering the boat with our mini tractor1 descent/ascent100,00 UAH
Big gazebo
(water supply, lighting, refrigerator, barbecue) 50+ people.
Mon-Thu800,00 UAH
Fri-Sun, holidays1000,00 UAH
Small gazebo with barbecue
(up to 8 people)
200,00 UAH
Oriental tent
(near the swimming pool)
Daylight hours200,00 UAH
Cauldron rental (large (70l., 50l.),
medium (25l., 20l,),
small (12l., 8l.))
Daylight hours100,00 UAH
Rent of skewers, gratesDaylight hours50,00 UAH
Firewood grid (purchase)100,00 UAH
Boat trip to the Adjigol lighthouse
(up to 12 people)
4 hours1800,00 UAH
Self-propelled pontoon
(up to 25 people)
(minimum order 2 hours)
1 hour800,00 UAH
Kayaks (2-seater)2 hours200,00 UAH
Mon-Thu (daylight hours)350,00 UAH
Fri-Sun, holidays
(daylight hours)
450,00 UAH
Boat with oars
Windboat 29
(up to 2 people)
Daylight hours250,00 UAH
Windboat 35
(up to 3 people)
Daylight hours350,00 UAH
Boat engine Parsun 2.6Daylight hours250,00 UAH
(up to 12 people)
(minimum order 2 hours)
1 hour450,00 UAH
Visit to the aquazone with a summer pool
(daylight hours)
For adults300,00 UAH
For children under 10 years old0 UAH
Parking for carsFor general use
Carriage parking1 day50,00 UAH
Berth for boats, boatsFor residents and for Day Stays
Charging station for electric vehiclesAccording to operator tariffs
Hangar for storing boats/ATVs on a carriage
(1 parking place)
1 day70,00 UAH
Bathhouse rent
(minimum order 2 hours)
up to 6 people1 hour450,00 UAH
over 6 people
(surcharge for each person over 6)
1 person100,00 UAH
Bath towel rental1 piece30,00 UAH
Bed sheet rent1 piece30,00 UAH
disposable slipperscouple30,00 UAH
bath broom1 piece70,00 UAH
bath hat with logo1 piece150,00 UAH
women's pareo with logo1 piece300,00 UAH
Vats1 hour500,00 UAH
Stage rent (8m * 8m)1 day3500,00 UAH
Chair rental1 piece15,00 UAH
Rent a table1 piece50,00 UAH
Sound equipment rentalOn request
Price on request